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Court Procedure

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Procedure for a tennis court repair and resurfacing



1. Clean all cracks of loose materials;
2. Fill and smooth cracks with acrylic crack filler;
3. Seal cracks and repaint;
4. We scrape, fill and level any depressions greater than 1/16″
5. Repaint over repaired areas;
6. Repaint playing lines to regulation;




1. Clean courts with high pressure water equipment;
2. Clean , fill and smooth all cracks;
3. Apply acrylic resurface to courts. Varying amounts of clean silica sand added for increased durability and ball speed;
4. Apply two coats of acrylic color.
5. Stripe courts to regulation.


Resurfacing your court should be done by a qualified tennis court contractor


Step 1 – Scrape, Broom, Blow surface clean and surface between coats

Step 2 – Repair cracks

Step 3 – Repair birdbaths or puddles

Step 4 – Power wash if needed

Step 5 – Have materials mixed before application

Step 6 – Clean surface between coats


The surface to be coated will determine what steps to follow. These instructions will be for an asphalt tennis court. For a championship quality tennis court, we recommend using two coats of Novacrylic Sport Surfaces. 100% acrylic, high solids coating system designed for the court owner who is seeking a high quality tennis court surface.

1. Pour 3″ to 6″ bead of material the length of the surface

2. Angle Squeegee, pulling one third of material in a straight line, not leaving any puddles

3. Always keep 2″ to 6″ of material in the windrow. DO NOT LET THE WINDROW RUN DRY!

4. Pull material in a straight line. When you reach the end of each pass, pull a few feet of material at a 90 degree angle.

5. For 2 colors, snap a chalk line. Apply color to inbound area first